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Craft Crate

Craft Crate X-Small Chuck

Craft Crate X-Small Chuck

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Checkout Craft Crate's chucks designed specifically for Steel Magnolia threaded tumblers! 

XS Fits: Plumps, HydroFits, Slim Kewlzie, 16oz Travel Mug, Junior 

Craft Crate's revolutionary Cup Chucks make it easier to attach your cup to the turner without hassle! The inserts are used to ensure a snug and straight fit, to avoid uneven epoxy curing/pooling. Simply insert the chuck into your tumbler, twist until tight, then slide onto turner arm and thats it! Goodbye foam footballs or pool noodles! 

Fits with Deno's Turner arms.

Fits 3/4 inch PVC

*1 XS Chuck

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