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The Glitter Guy

The Glitter Guy Jack, The Pumpkin King Glitter

The Glitter Guy Jack, The Pumpkin King Glitter

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Holographic Glitter: 

All that glimmers is not always gold, sometimes it’s glitter!
Holographic glitter reflects an entire spectrum of light creating a "rainbow" of color. Traditionally used with silver-based flakes. We feature over 75 different color variations! Perfect for Crafters of all ages and experience! Easy to use and clean up.  

Jack, The Pumpkin King Glitter Use:

Crafts, DIY projects, Cosmetic use... The possibilities are endless! 

Product Details: ­ 

Type: Holographic Glitter 
Color: Orange 
Cut Size: Pumpkin (Shape) 
Material: Polyester Glitter 
Shaker Size: 60mL 
Amount Per Shaker: 14-18g* 
Grade: Premium Grade Glitter 
Toxicity: Non-Toxic 
UV Resistant: Yes 
Heat Resistant: Up To 200°C/392°F 
Solvent Resistant: Yes
Clump Rating: Clump Free 


    Jack, The Pumpkin King is holographic orange pumpkin shape cut glitter. 
    Jack, The Pumpkin King comes in 60mL shaker which fills roughly 14-18g.* 

    All our shakers are filled to volume and come with a dual opening lid for easy control for less waste.  
    *These weights are subject to change.

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