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The Glitter Guy

The Glitter Guy Haku Glitter

The Glitter Guy Haku Glitter

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High Sparkling Iridescent Glitter: 

All that glimmers is not always gold, sometimes it’s glitter!    
High Sparkling Iridescent glitter typically is single color-based flake with one color reflection or sparkle. Different from color shifting or metallic glitter in the sense that color reflection is caused from the shine of the glitter and not the angle in which you are viewing it. Perfect for Crafters of all ages and experience! Easy to use and clean up.  

Haku Glitter Use:  

Crafts, DIY projects, Cosmetic use... The possibilities are endless!  

Product Details:  

Type: High Sparkling Iridescent 
Color: Hues of Baby Blue and Pinkish Purple 
Cut Size: Various Sized Hexagonal Cuts (Chunky Mix) 
Thickness: 200u 
Material: Polyester Glitter 
Shaker Size: 100mL 
Amount Per Shaker: 73-77g* 
Grade: Premium Grade Glitter 
Toxicity: Non-Toxic 
UV Resistant: Yes 
Heat Resistant: Up To 160°C/320°F 
Solvent Resistant: Not Solvent to Acid or alkali 
Clump Rating: Clump Free
    Haku is a chunky mix of various sized high sparkling iridescent baby blue and pinkish purple hexagonal cut glitter.  
    Haku comes in 100mL shaker which fills 73-77g.* 

    All our shakers are filled to volume and come with a dual opening lid for easy control for less waste.  
    *These weights are subject to change. 

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